Island Cruising NZ - Providing Yacht Cruising Rallies Around the South Pacific for Over 25 Years

Island Cruising NZ is owned and operated by Nigel and Amanda Richards. Formerly known as the Island Cruising Association, we provide yacht cruising rallies around the islands of the South Pacific; namely Tonga, Fiji, Vanuatu and New Caledonia. Our rallies are designed to allow sailors to cruise the islands aboard their own boats, or assist as crew on someone else's boat. Although our rallies have typically attracted owners of sailing yachts, we strongly encourage owners of offshore capable motor boats to join us too. 

We provide education for sailors to prepare their vessels for sailing offshore, particularly if they're new to offshore sailing, through our training seminars. We also provide assistance with Customs, Immigration and Biosecurity in and out of each country and we hold social events at various points along the way.

Are Our Cruising Rallies For You?

Our rallies are for everyone! Sailors with families with children, or no children, solo sailors, yacht owners and offshore capable power boat owners. Basically, if you're able to take enough time out to cruise with us for up to five months, then our rallies are for you.


Stephen Plank -  "Fantastic once in a lifetime experience. Amanda and Nigel are amazing rally hosts. This is a must-do for anyone wanting to go offshore and experience the South Pacific on your own boat." March 2020

Nickie Race-Jones - "Fantastic experience with some incredible people." September 2019

Stephen Cooke - "Excellent rally for boats wanting to cruise in company from New Zealand and back. Sailing with a fleet of all experience levels, something for everyone, from first time blue-water passage makers, to those who have been across oceans, the rally supports everyone. It gives great peace of mind to have other boats looking out for you. Organisers Amanda and Nigel worked very hard for everyone to have the best experience possible on their Pacific circuit. Weather planning, safety,  checking in and out of all the various Countries, anchorages and passage planning were all given information, support and help. It will be a huge benefit in future years to make checking in and out of Countries like Tonga, and make the cruising permits much easier than going it yourself. It will go from strength to strength as they gain experience and friends throughout the islands. We loved the opportunity to meet like-minded adventurers, and have made friends for life." August 2018

Why Should You Become a Member?

Membership will grant you access to a wide range of additional resources on our website, and special member's rates for important things like marine insurance with Baileys and weather forecasting services with PredictWind. You'll also get discounts on a range of other products and services provided by our sponsors. Also, if you're a skipper looking for crew, then you'll find our member's only Crewseeker service helpful. You'll have access to people actively looking to be part of a crew, you can review their sailing experience and make direct contact with them.

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