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MNZ - Guidance for International Voyage Certificate (Pleasure Craft) Applications: Maritime NZ: This guidance is to help NZ Registered vessels make an application for an International Voyage Certificate (Pleasure Craft), including preparing for your vessel and safety equipment adequacy assessment. It is recommended th... (703.8 Kb)
MNZ - International Voyage Certificate Application Form (Pleasure craft): Maritime NZ: This application form is required for the purposes of Section 21 of the Maritime Transport Act 1994 To complete this application you will need to download the guidance. Upon submission of this form, you will receive confir... (441.2 Kb)
MNZ - Pre departure drill checklist: Maritime NZ: This checklist is to be submitted by NZ Registered vessels prior to an International Voyage Certificate for a pleasure craft been issued and you can depart New Zealand. Your certificate will not be issued until this checklis... (215.9 Kb)
Pitcairn Island: Pitcairn Island Tourism: Information for yachts planning on visiting Pitacairn Island (271.0 Kb)
Rescue Coordination Centres: Vava'u Volunteer Marine Rescue: A list of the SW Pacific Marine Rescue Centres (561.5 Kb)
Rigging & Tuning: Selden: The rig – a combination of masts, booms, rigging and all types of equipment. It is obvious that the rig is a large and vital part of your yacht. Tuning for the best mix of performance, reliability and operating safely requi... (11,439.4 Kb)
French Polynesia - Tuamotus Tidal Current Calculator: SoggyPaws: Originally created by Soggypaws and updated recently. (448.1 Kb)
OpenCPN - Terry's Topics Resources for OpenCPN Users: Terry SV Valhalla: All sorts of cool resources and downloads for OpenCPN Users (442.6 Kb)
NZ - The NZ Traveller Declaration - Arriving in NZ: NZ Customs: Information about the new NZ Traveller Declaration - for arriving into NZ (259.1 Kb)