Marina Del Ray Indonesia
Phone: +62 877 7676 8877
Address: Tanjungan Desa Gili Gede, Nusa Tenggara
Lombok, Sekotong West Lombok Regency West
Aceh Indonesia

Island Cruising & Down Under Rally Members get 10% off our standard marina berth rates at Marina Del Ray for the remainder of 2024.

Marina Del Ray is an official entry port for yachts needing customs-immigration-quarantine and port control. 

With public amenities, Fuel, gas, water, electricity and provisions and our very own yacht club & resort Marina Del Ray is Indonesia's premier yachting destination.

Once cleared, captains and their crews are free to explore the 17600 islands over the next three years without your yacht needing to leave. Enjoy year-round summers and no cyclones.

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