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Offshore Medic Training

Essential First Aid training for all cruising yacht captains & crew members. 

Our rally partners Marine Medical Solutions are providing this highly recommended marine first aid course for all who venture offshore under power or sail.

The course has been designed specifically to focus on First Aid situations in a marine environment.

Whether you are a cruising yachtie or part of a rally or yacht race, being well prepared is half the battle in preventing your voyage from coming to an abrupt end due to unforeseen circumstances.

Part of that preparation is having good basic medical/first aid training and carrying the best possible medical equipment that you can onboard your vessel.

At Marine Medical Solutions we provide Marine First Aid training and medical kits for cruising and racing sailors.

Island Cruising & Down Under Rally Members Receive a $50.00 discount off the course fee.


Medical Kits

Our new Category 1-2 Marine First Aid Kit in the soft bag option includes the dressings, hardware and over-the-counter medication required for extended cruising and for Offshore Cruising and racing, as well as haemorrhage control equipment, wound glue and our popular Dental Trauma Kit.

Our First Aid kits are manufactured in Australia to TGA Standards. This extensive kit includes haemorrhage control equipment for the treatment of life-threatening bleeding. The stop-the-bleed equipment includes a tourniquet, the civilian emergency trauma bandage and quickclot haemostatic gauze.

The CAT 1-2 kit contents come packed in a weather-resistant, fabric foldout bag that allows the user to visualise all contents at a glance. The kit includes 6 colour-coded inner pouches, one of which is an insulated medication pouch to keep your medications insulated and organised.

The kit has a dedicated space for your marine first aid equipment with extra pockets to add your own additional items for customisation. It has a 35L capacity, with a layout that is ideal for quick access to the equipment required in different emergency situations. The bag has hidden backpack straps and an ergonomic foamed back for comfort when carrying as a backpack. There is an additional carry strap included inside the bag to be carried as a shoulder bag.

The kit contents are clearly shown on the inside lid of the pack. Includes the required medical manual, International Medical Guide for Ships, which includes drug notes on all required medications and an illness/injury chart.

Down Under Rally Members save up to $120.00 on Category 1-2 Marine First Aid Kits from Marine Medical Solutions.

Please note the kit does not come with prescription medication. A prescription from your medical practitioner is required by a pharmacy to obtain the prescription and offshore medication.

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