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Crab pots, fishing nets & discarded rope are all hazards to navigation and represent a real danger to vessels no matter where they voyage. A sudden loss of power resulting from an object fouling your vessel’s propulsion system can and often does become an emergency situation.

Over the years, vessels have been lost due to such an occurrence.

Losing a vessel is bad enough, but severe injury or, even worse, loss of life can also be a consequence of such an event. Having to clear debris that has been tangled around your propeller whilst at sea can be a very dangerous task. 

Over the years, vessels have been lost due to such an occurrence. PropProtector can help you avoid such an incident. 

Shaft driven, they will instantly cut through rope, netting, weed or any debris picked up or caught by the propeller.

Manufactured from high grade (316) Stainless Steel and installed within minutes, the Prop Protector sits on the shaft, between the propeller hub and the stern bearing, waiting to cut anything that threatens to entangle it. Please note: The Prop Protector is NOT designed to be used with outboard engines, stern drive engines or Saildrives

There are no moving parts to fail - just a razor sharp marine grade stainless steel blade - ready to slice through most marine debris.

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Excludes extra-large cutters i.e. those with blade diameters of 150 mm and 190 mm.