Yachting New Zealand
Phone: +64 9 361 1471
Address: Auckland New Zealand
Email: reception@yachtingnz.org.nz

Island Cruising NZ is proud to be a commercial member of Yachting New Zealand.

Yachting New Zealand is the national sports organisation in New Zealand for the sport of sailing at all levels.


To inspire greatness and national pride, while embracing adventure, enterprise and a passion for the sea.


To promote the appeal, development and success of sailing as an innovative, inclusive and lifelong sport.

Strategic Goals:

- To promote and grow participation in sailing as a lifelong sport while enhancing its development at all levels.

- To safeguard and to advance members’ interests and rights through effective advocacy, and to grow the value of our services to members.

- To win medals consistently at Olympic and World Championship events

- To lift the appeal, visibility and funding potential of sailing - working closely with media to expand coverage.

- Through effective, innovative and targeted support to lift the capability and number of volunteers, particularly in the areas of judging, umpiring, race management and coaching.