Ocean Tactics
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Address: Northland New Zealand
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OCEAN TACTICS - Passage Weather Tactics, Departure Planning, and Passage Management Strategies for Offshore and Planning for Coastal Passages. This is a paid weather service, discounted for Island Cruising & Down Under Rally members. 

Ocean Tactics weather service is available for any vessel, power or sail, mono or multi up to 25m in length.

Ocean Passages

Passage Tactics - This allows us to get to know you and your vessel and is a necessary part of all Ocean Tactics engagements. During the lead up to the passage we’ll discus Comfort Levels for Wind and Wave, Vessel Characteristics and Conditions to expect on passage.

Passage Tactics also includes discussion briefings via WhatsApp just prior to departure to give you a full understanding of what to expect and detail factors that may influence your tactics on passage.

Once a suitable passage departure date has been agreed we will run a full weather routing for the passage including Wave, Current, CAPE and Gust forecasts with the latest information prior to departure.

Departure Planning - We work with you to pick the best weather window for any specified passage based on your personal perameters and that of the vessel as per the answers to the questions below.

Passage Management - Possibly the most important part of the service for a safe and comfortable passage. This service makes sure we put the vessel in the right place to best take advantage of the weather that's coming as the passage proceeds. Updates are sent via email and for those with a Data Hub/ Iridium Go exec or StarLink, by WhatsApp text and call.

Coastal Passages and Cruising a Region

Depending on the passage, Getting to know you and your boat is still an important part of the service. Departure planning is a major part of the success of any cruise, whither it's a long coastal passage or cruising slowly through a cruising region.

Ocean Tactics provides a discount for ICNZ and Down Under Rally members.

Single Passage- One Fee* covers all for our Offshore Weather Service as detailed above $347USD (Retail) for a single passage upto 3,000nm. $275USD for Island Cruising & Down Under Rally Members  Please enter your club Promo Code below to receive your Discount.

For Coastal and Region Cruising let us tailor a service for you. You may like to check out our Mi Weather - OverWatch service https://coastalandoffshorecruising.com/mi-weather/mi-weather-overwatch/

Making more than one passage in a cruising season? Then our Season Pass  may benefit your needs. $650.00USD (Retail)/Cruising Season**. $550USD for C&OC, ICNZ and DUR Members and $597 for other associated club members. Please enter your club Promo Code below to receive your Discount.

PredictWind (Preferred) or other Tracking is a condition of service.