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Island Cruising recommend Baileys Insurance for both Coastal and Offshore marine boat insurance.  Use the following links to get a no-obligation quote.


Q1 - I live in Australia, can I insure with Baileys?

Answer - Yes, Baileys insure boats all over the world and boats registered in almost any country in the world.

Q2 - Are Baileys an insurance company or a broker?

Answer - A Broker. Baileys will place the insurance with the most suitable company for your particular case.

Q3 - Are Baileys competitive

Answer - Yes, and if you’re a new customer they’ll make you very welcome with a special offer.

Q4 - Will they insure for just myself and my wife sailing offshore?

Answer - Depending on experience and the type of boat, but generally, Yes.

Q5 - Who do we deal with if there’s a claim?

Answer - Baileys. Baileys pride themselves in their handling of claims and was one of the main factors in our choice of provider. Baileys will handle your claim and ensure ALL your policy obligations are met by the insurance company, quickly, efficiently, hassle free.

Q6 - Are Baileys the cheapest?

Answer -  No, not always. They will however always give you the most “Competitive” quote. There are some providers out there that are simply after your dollar and in the world of insurance you will only get what you pay for. If it looks too good to be true, it is! Ask Baileys, Why? if you’ve got a lower priced quote. If you’re worried about impartiality, ask me and I’ll put you in touch with some folks that have had horror story claims from “lower priced” insurers.






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