Our Values

Our Tiaki Promise

The Islands of the South Pacific are spectacularly beautiful but fragile, and visiting sailors play a vital role in preserving the natural beauty of the islands and reinforcing the long history of mutual respect between the islanders and world cruisers. Kaitiaki is a Māori term used for the concept of guardianship for the sky, the sea and the land. The process and practices of protecting and looking after the environment is referred to as kaitiakitanga. By following our Island Cruising Tiaki Promise, you are making a commitment to act as a guardian, protecting and preserving the ocean, islands and culture of the South Pacific.



Nurturing our curious and adventurous spirit to set out and explore the South Pacific just as our ancestors did.


Protect the Plants and Animals

Treat the coastline, fish, forests and birds with care and respect. They are unique and often rare or endangered. Ensure your hull is clean to avoid spreading pests and respect the fishing rules. When on shore, keep to the tracks to avoid damaging plants, ask for permission when anchoring, exploring and before taking fish or fruit, take only photographs & leave no trace of your visit.


Remove All Rubbish

Ensure no rubbish ends up in the ocean. Pick up litter you find along your travels. Reduce the use of single use plastics. Recycle wherever possible. Dispose of your rubbish only in designated areas.


Protect the Ocean & the Places we Visit

Celebrate the lands and waters that give us life. Use biodegradable detergents, obey local laws, do not discharge your holding tanks within 500m from land or near marine farms, villages, traditional food collection areas, or marine reserves. Take care when refuelling.


Manaakitanga - Consider Others

Be respectful of other water users, understand and obey the COLREGs, anchor considerately. Keep an eye out for your fellow rally participants, be friendly and welcoming to the people you meet.


Wairuatanga - Respect The Culture

Learn and respect the local culture of the places you visit into which stories, songlines, ancestors & dreamings are woven. Many places in the South Pacific, New Zealand & Australia are special and have a spiritual, historical, environmental and cultural significance. Pay respect to the local people, past and present for their hospitality, generosity and custodianship of the places you visit.  


Kotahitanga – Work Together & Be Prepared

Expect challenging weather conditions. Ensure your vessel and crew are well prepared for the adventures ahead. Communicate and keep in touch with trip & position reports. Unite with fellow rally participants to help one another, socialise, and share knowledge and experiences.